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Since 1966

Tariq Tarpal House

Like any other business and company, we aim to be the leading Tarpaulin manufacturer in and outside Pakistan establishing a trustworthy name of our brand worldwide.

Pioneer in the market segment of Tarpaulin in Pakistan, Tariq Tarpal House was founded in 1966 by Haji Abdul Bari Chaudhry. A name of trust, quality, customer satisfaction and a wide product range, Tariq Tarpal House has been serving Pakistan for more than 5 decades.

Having a highly competent and efficient staff for stitching, manufacturing and installing tarpaulins, we never settle for less. We receive orders from all over Pakistan and even outside Pakistan. Our quality and the variety of products speak for themselves.

Customer satisfaction and building long lasting relationships with our customers is a routine at Tariq Tarpal House. Our customers not only include government and private organizations but also households and small sector businesses.

We always look forward to build strong relationships with our clients, adapt to changes and efficiently use technology in the manufacturing of our products.

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A highly motivated and ambitious leader who has demonstrated relationship management, goal execution and strategic thinking. We're passionate about our customers, our business, and elevating the performance of our Team.
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Tariq Bari

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Asif Bari

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