Bio Garden.

Bio Garden has one of the largest fruits and berry gardens in the areas. They also bring fish and decorative birds from different places around the world and is also called a botanical garden. Bio Gardens is the place of collections of living plants which are maintained for studies. Main role of bio gardens are teaching opportunities about plants, collections and their classifications. If u like to go to the place where u can eat many fruits u visit bio garden. Bio Garden is an eight-hectare expanse of idyllic gardens containing over 100 different types of fruit trees. Bio Garden is the 11th Top rated lake in Ujar, or Azerbaijan. Bio Gardens devote their resources to the study and conservation of plants, these gardens also play a central role in meeting human needs and providing well-being. Plants predate human existence by 100 million years, and their biological evolution has been one of the greatest processes in earth’s history. They conserve endangered plant species through living collections as well as through seed banks, and they benefit pollinators like butterflies, honeybees, bats and birds, which plays an important role in the production of our crops and maintaining the health of other plant life. Bio Gardens provides many facilities of fruits, plants, seeds, honeybees etc. A botanical garden is a garden with greenhouses for the culture, study and exhibitions of special plants. It have all kinds of plants like bushes, shrubs, bedding plants, flowers, vegetables, herbs, trees. Bio Gardens is very beautiful and impressive place, beautiful and lovely greenery towards all sides of the garden enjoy fresh air and the lovely fragrance of garden is towards all sides. Beautiful and charming birds covers the tress and sing a song with is beautiful voice. That’s why the environment of Bio Gardens is very good.