Biofloc Fishing Tank.

Biofloc Fishing Tank is an environment friendly aquaculture technique based on in-situ microorganism production. Biofloc is the suspended growth in ponds and tanks which is the aggregates of living and dead particulate organic matter, phytoplankton bacteria and grazers of the bacteria. Many advantages of biofloc fish farming it cleans the water impurities for fish. It is very low budget and highly profitable. Diameter of tank is 2 Meters for 5500 Liters, Diameter of tank is 3 Meters for 9000 Liters, Diameter of tank is 6 Meters for 30000 Liters. 1.3 Mtr. Kisanflex Biofloc fish tank is the highest quality of PVC tank with 650 Gsm available in the market. 22000 L PVC Aquaculture Fish Farming Tarpaulin Tank is the best biofloc fishing farming tank, Color: Blue, Orange etc, Size 5 Meter, 750 GSM Biofloc Fish Farming Tank is also a best biofloc fish farming tank, Color: Blue, White etc, Size: 7 meter. Water change is very important, in traditional aquaculture, water exchange is required frequently, resulting in wastage of water and larger expenses. Biofloc reduces the need to exchange water. In biofloc tank these material are used jiggery or molasses, raw salt, probiotic, freshwater, lime and calcium carbonate. Biofloc fishing tank is very impressive tank and provide many facilities for farming.