Construction Protection Net.

Construction Protection Nets are collective fall arrest systems. Regardless of the time spent on a roof, risk of falling is high. Any fall is likely to result in a serious injury. –We fabricate sturdy, reliable, safety netting that can be installed horizontally or vertically to protect people from falling objects. Safety net programs protect families from the impact of economic shocks, natural disasters, and other crises. Construction Safety Nets are plastics nets made from HDPE or High-Density Polyethylene raw materials. Construction Safety Netting is also known as debris netting which can be installed both horizontally or vertically accourdings to the requirements. Safety nets are essential piece of equipment in the construction industry. Contractors will install a safety net system as a fall prevention method to protect workers by minimizing the maximum fall height, preventing serious injury. Nets shall extend 8 feet beyond the edge of the work surface where employees are exposed and shall be installed as close under the work surface as practical but in no case more than 25 feet below such work surface. Maximum Size opening in a safety net not exceed 36 square inches and not be longer than 6 inches on any side measured center to center of mesh ropes or webbing. IS code of safety net is 11057.Safety netting for building or construction is made of HDPE with high tensile strength, safety netting supplies high security for workers. In US Netting construction safety netting has been designed and tested to provide protection to workers from falls up to 30 feet and also be used as a heavy- debris containment net when the polyethylene mesh is added. Two types of safety nets, Knotted construction net, Knotless construction net.