High Roof Tents.

 A rooftop tent provides you with different location options than a traditional tent. Because it mounts on your car, you can use it in locations where a traditional set would be impractical or outright forbidden.  Example a Walmart parking lot, an RV lot, or a highway rest stop. High roof tents helps you keep clean and dry. These tents keep you up and away from mud, snow, sand and critters. And built for all kind of weather. The materials used to make rooftop tents are often designed to withstand harsh weather conditions better than ground tents. If u need a roof top tents we came to the conclusion that rooftop tents offer few benefits over regular tents if you are looking to improve your car-camping experience. And if u are specially interested in overlanding or planning a long trek while living out of your car, and we recommend them for most people. Rooftop tents have been around almost 100 years and harken all the way back to the 1930s. During this time, western Europeans used them on their expedition vehicles. These days, rooftop tents are popular with more than just expedition vehicles and 4v4 adventure mobile. If u think that rooftop damage the car then NYT points out that the worst determent caused by rooftop tents is suspension damage, which is highly expensive to repair. The added weight on top of your vehicle can unsettle the ride quality, sink your vehicle’s frame, and cause steering drift. The weight of a rooftop tent can also alter your car’s center of gravity. Tentbox rooftop tents are lightweight, meaning that it can go on the bars of almost any car without any damage. Their lightweight nature also means that you won’t have to struggle to get it on and off your car, which reduces the risk of any injuries whilst trying to move the tent. A rooftop tent’s average weight is roughly 100 lbs, but most rooftop tents can and often do weigh more than that. Most roof racks on vehicles can handle between 100-200 lbs, so make sure that you know the requirements of your equipment before buying. But the rooftop tends provides many facilities for camping.