Military Tents.


The tents are made of heavy vinyl-coated polyester fabrics that are securely insulated to maintain coolness during high temperatures. This material is a special fabric that has flame-retardant, UV-blocking, waterproof, and anti-tear features. 21 people max are fit in the military tents. The General Purpose medium tent has a 6 foot high and 4- feet-wide entrance at each end. Military-grade tents are made with the most advanced technology for a more cost-effective investment, whether it’s meant for personal or business purposes. This type of tent is generally constructed using durable materials to provides safety and protection for various outdoor activities, even for major disasters. One of the most common military designs currently used by the U.S Department of Defense is the TEMPER tent. TEMPER is an acronym that stands for Tent Expandable Modular Personnel. Military Ridge pole Tent accommodation and movable Tents suitable for army uses, events, travelling, leisure and to enjoy holidays. Military use this type of tents.