Toup Covers.

Top Cover combat airplanes flying at high altitude to protect from air attack a military force especially of other airplanes flying at a lower altitude. To place or spread something over so as to protect or conceal. To provide with a covering; clothe. Top covers are used in many products top cover military, top cover laptops, top cover for cars, Top covers of laptop are used to protect the body of laptop and keypad of laptop , In military the concept of cover refers to anything which is capable of physically protecting an individual from enemy fire , Top cover for car is used to protect the car for dust and any type of scratches ,something that protects, shelters, or hides, a covering as a blanket used on a bed, a binding or a protecting case a book cover. Without top covers many things are not safe such as laptop , cars etc if u safe the product and u wish that your product are clean and without scratches you must use top covers to protect anything.