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Canvas Cloth Tarpaulin

Canvas is a plain, durable heavy duty fabric which is woven typically from cottons. It is known for its water resistance when it is mixed with other fibers. Canvas Product is heavily focused on the industrial tarpaulin rolls, and customization of industrial Tarpals. Strong Water proof High duty tarp used for various applications in industry. Mainly used for shading and covering crops and cargo. Canvas Tarpal is water-resistant and waterproof material often used during the build process to protect brickwork and masonry from weather damage. In Canvas different types are used in industries like economy canvas, khaki canvas, waterproof canvas, heavy duty canvas, green canvas, skin canvas, tent canvas tarpal, army canvas, and plastic canvas tarpal these are the all categories of canvas tarpal. Heavy duty canvas tarpal multipurpose heavy duty waterproof canvas tarpal specifications of heavy duty canvas: material cotton. Finished size is 1ft shorter. Brand Tenacity. Economy Canvas Tarpal is also multipurpose waterproof canvas tarpal specification of economy canvas is also material cotton. Finished size is 1ft shorter. Brand Tenacity. Waterproof Canvas Tarpal per meter depends upon the quality of fabrics. Canvas Tarpal is best for all categories of tarpal and mainly used in daily life. It provides more facilities than other category of Tarpal. Army used canvas for tents and canvas is the most famous and selling product than others Tarpals. In Tariq Tarpal House good quality of Canvas tarpaulin is made our Company. Tariq Tarpal House provides special discounts of our products.

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